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ADHD, My Superpower and My Kryptonite

Throughout the course of my life, I have struggled to find my place among the vast realm of a society inundated with convergent thinkers. I have often felt restricted by the reality that those around me would rather celebrate the subpar standards of orthodox conformity, than to admit the inadequacies of a broken system that refuses to understand and validate the brilliant complexity of individuals who are divergently wired.   As a child, I was often subjected to those types of biases as a result of being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.   Regardless of the dark shadow that many have attempted to cast over my future, as a result of humanities misinformed predisposition of my “symptoms,” labeled as the undesirable consequences of a learning disability, I still refuse to accept that ill-fated existence.    I desperately desire to prove that those of us who “suffer” from ADHD, aren’t “suffering” as a result of a disability, we suffer because of the dismissiv

Why I Fight

In today’s world, maintaining a healthy adult relationship can already be a challenge with the normal stressors of life like children, finances, and busy schedules; but what happens when you throw depression into the equation? Being a mom of four kids, a full-time college student, wife, sister and friend, can make most days incredibly hectic for anyone; however, when depression ensues and the darkness takes hold, regrettably all those roles are held hostage.   Days, weeks, and sometimes months pass by before anyone notices that I have progressively vanished behind the cloak of a plastic smile.   By the time the effects of depression become evidently noticeable to the outside world, it is too late; by that point I have already morphed into a reclusive stranger that family, friends, and even my spouse, can’t easily recognize.   Detached from reality and lost among the sea of racing thoughts, I try rescuing myself from the bleak and lonely pits of depression; but often the effects of